About LGM

God allows the amazing experience of mental restoration, piece by piece, and you can feel your mind being transformed.

            Are you tired of struggling with where you presently are in your life? Are you struggling with your past? Are you constantly comparing yourself to other women?  Do you simply just want to make some changes as a woman? If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, then Loving God’s Masterpiece is for you! Loving God’s Masterpiece is a practical guide providing strategies to re-inventing yourself as a woman! Lakeytha Clayton once lived her life drowning in low self-esteem and poor self-image.

In Loving God’s Masterpiece, she candidly shares her personal journey to rebuilding her self-esteem and self-image using the very strategies she shares in the book, resulting in the woman she is today, loving her life and all God created her to be and become.  She addresses the total woman, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This book will walk you through the steps of turning the negative view you have of yourself to realizing you have great purpose as a masterpiece, God’s masterpiece.  Loving God’s Masterpiece will motivate you to embrace who you are as a woman, celebrate your strengths and uniqueness, and, simultaneously, give you a new outlook on your life.

 In this book, you will be educated on:

  • The impact of mental illness on one’s self-esteem and self-image
  • The process to overcoming your struggles/negative past
  • The importance of embracing who you are as woman and recognizing your worth/purpose
  • How to connect or reconnect God on a personal level during personal transformation

Loving God Masterpiece is a transparent account of Lakeytha’s journey from living life day to day with disgrace of herself to transitioning into a woman who recognized who she is in Christ. She shares strategies that helped reinvent herself as a woman. Loving God’s Masterpiece will leave the reader with the tools to overcome her past and celebrate her triumphs and victories.


As a Daughter of Promise, the assets of your inheritance include the promises of God. Your inheritance is a written decree of scripture, declared by the process of your promise. As a daughter of the King, you’ve not only inherited the promises of God but the power of His decree. Through PROMISE, global women’s devotional, Daughters of Promise from around the world bore witness to the manifestation of their inheritance through healing, deliverance, and transformation. Each author tells their story as it happened yet describes the evidence and experience of the presence of the Holy Spirit. This devotional serves as written documentation and substantiation of how God’s promises have come true through some of life’s most strenuous, obscure, questionable, and unexpected places in their lives. PROMISE takes readers on a journey of breaking through to breaking free. Each devotional carries a breaker anointing, where God’s supernatural power breaks the strongholds of bondage in business, health, ministry, faith, healing, mental health, family, marriage, and other life situations through His steadfast and resolute Word. You are the witness to declare the truth of His decree! Remember, a promise is a promise is a promise.